Surf Soup Picture Book Series

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Launching in 2021

In ProDUCKtion the Surf Soup Picture book number one in a series.  Watch Donna kay Lau on Surf Soup TV.  You are invited to watch footage that will be updated to build the library of the Surf Soup TV show,  when Surf Soup TV is launched you would have had the opportunity to follow the production starting with the introduction of the show and picture book characters.  I hope you are excited as I am.  Follow  along on  social  media  and  sign  up  for  updates on  the  subscribe  email  list,  This  is  the  most  magical   and exciting times  for  Surf  Soup,    I developed  the  show,  I  wrote  all  the  stories  and  finished  the  storyboards  that  will  be  used  for  Surf  Soup  TV  cartoon animation  and  show.

Please join  me!

With  Gratitude,

Donna  Kay  Lau

Creator,  Producer, Artist and Animator  of  Surf  Soup  Book  series and  Surf  Soup  TV

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Work in Progress

Duck Mom mother mommy 
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Character Development

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Watch Surf Soup TV in ProDUCKtion!

The ProDUCKtion of Surf Soup.

You can watch Donna Kay Lau the creator of Surf Soup  In  her  art  studio.

An exclusive invitation to watch the producktion of the first picture book  “  Surf  Soup  (First  in  a  series and  cartoon  tv  show.