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Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Educators, & Fans!

Downloadable coloring pages and accompanying  lesson plans for Surf  Soup book series, and Surf Soup Tv.

Let’s Color & Learn

Be Creative! Download and Color me!

Mom is Wow upside down! Star is being goofy and silly as usual, see if you can color “Star’ and show his personality.

Download  and  color  “Star’  the  starfish  &  it  could  appear  on  the  endpages  of  Surf Soup  books  and  your drawing could appear on Surf Soup TV.  

Write  your name, age,  and  where you are  from...

In example:  Karin,  Age 7,  Switzerland  

Color  with  your  friends!

How  do  you  get  your  colored  “Star”  the  Starfish  to  Auntee  Donnee?  

Pick  one of  the following: 

1.  Post  on  Instagram  use  #Surfsoup_Star   

Instagram or...

2.  Email  to  or...

3.  Mail  to:  P.O. Box 93662

City of Industry, California 93662

Download PDF
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Color & Be Creative & Use your Imagination

Download  and  color  “Star’  the  starfish  &  it  could  appear  on  the  endpages  of  Surf Soup.  Your drawing could appear on Surf Soup TV.  Don’t write your name on your drawing but include a note with your age and name & where you are from In example: Switzerland  #Surfsoup_Star

More  at  Koa’s  Page

Everything is Going to Be Okay.

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Thank you Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles...

For teaching  kids  not  to  worry . It  can  be  scary to  see their neighbors  wearing  masks  around  town.     We  are  all  in  the  Surf Soup  together  and  this  is  a  time  to  help  each  other.  I  wrote and  storyboarded a  story  about  the  masks  to  ease  the sensitivity of  the  subject  and  not  to  scare  the  kids  but  to  normalize  it  a  bit.    How  are  you  addressing  our  current  times?.    Write   or  comment.    Thank  you!  I  also  want  to  Thank  all  the Doctors, Nurses,  and  first  responders!  Thank  You  Thank  you  Thank  you!❤️

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Tips for Kids...How to Write a Letter

Write to Surf Soup

  • The senders address is put at the top right hand side
  • Include email if available
  • The address of the person receiving the letter goes on the left hand side below the sender's address
  • The date
  • Greeting — Dear Sir or Madam. You can use the titles Miss, Mrs. or Mr. if you know the name of the person to whom you are writing
  • The message also  known as  the ‘Body.’
  • Complimentary close — Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely
  • Signature

Surf Soup‘s Address

P.O. Box 93662

City of Industry, California 93662

Request Appearance

Book Signings, School Visits, Special Events, School Video, Interviews & For ”Media’ request to be a “Viewer’ on Surf Soup TV

Surf Soup TV

PO Box 93662 Industry CA 91715